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Teamworks 2022/23

Scope of Work

Creative Direction

Brand Strategy


Video Production & Editing

Defining and executing a brand design system and architecture for the leader in sports technology refreshed brand architecture built for longevity

This announcement signified the need for a refreshed outlook on brand direction strategic realignment across Product, Brand & Marketing altogether. a refreshed outlook on brand strategy and direction, furthering the alignment of Pr and strategy within the organization. developing , ultimately aligning Teamworks' Product & Marketing. taking us one step closer in the forthcoming evolution in brand architecture (Teamworks 2024 Brand Refresh)


— 01

Brand Guidelines

We delivered a premium, matte textured and gold-foiled brand booklet and style guide. It was given to investors as the first tangible piece of C&B. This 52-page brand book solidified the foundation of the brand, helping develop interior & exterior signage, apparel and other marketing projects. 

— 02

Brand Workshop Vision Boards

We held an in-person, interactive brand workshop with the goal of constructing the brand narrative. The crafted two, handmade vision boards based on our look and feel concepts.


— 03

Collateral, Glassware, Apparel & Signage

The new branding was integrated throughout the interior experience. We even crafted the theme and designs for their rotating microbrew system.


— 04


Agency: USA Today / Gannett

Copywriting: Dan Hanrahan

Design, Creative: Blake Beamer

Design: Jason Garcia


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