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Cork & Barrel

Scope of Work

Art Direction

Brand Identity


Building an authentic brand for a revolutionary Irish gastropub and microbrewery in Austin, Texas

Cork & Barrel had little more than a name, a rough idea of a logo and a parcel of land under development when they asked Get Creative, the USA Today creative agency to help develop their brand. We raised our glasses to an extensive brand workshop that defined everything from their persona to marketing best practices.

2020 Gold Davey Award Winner — Corporate Identity Style Guide 


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Brand Guidelines

We delivered a premium, matte textured and gold-foiled brand booklet and style guide. It was given to investors as the first tangible piece of C&B. This 52-page brand book solidified the foundation of the brand, helping develop interior & exterior signage, apparel and other marketing projects. 

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Brand Workshop Vision Boards

We held an in-person, interactive brand workshop with the goal of constructing the brand narrative. The crafted two, handmade vision boards based on our look and feel concepts.


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Collateral, Glassware, Apparel & Signage

The new branding was integrated throughout the interior experience. We even crafted the theme and designs for their rotating microbrew system.


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Agency: USA Today / Gannett

Copywriting: Dan Hanrahan

Design, Creative: Blake Beamer

Design: Jason Garcia


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