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Welcome to BMR Creative — my design studio and creative shop. I'm Blake Beamer. I specialize in brand strategy, go-to-market creative, art direction and various disciplines of design. 

I've built this site to showcase my career, passions, hobbies and collaborations. I'm a craft-obsessed conceptual thinker and visual storyteller — always curious, always pushing. 

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Cool Kentucky kid, soakin' up a warm Texas sun.

I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. But if you know anyone from Louisville you know we pronounce it "Luhvul" for some really strange reason. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to live in some awesome cities throughout the years. Along the way, we've met the most inspirational people, devoured some of the best tacos I've ever had (Tacos Don Rafa - downtown Salt Lake City, believe it or not), and even recently bought a big, genuine leather. flat-brimmed hat. You guessed it, I'm currently living in Texas (ATX) . . . which now makes that "best tacos ever" statement kind of crazy.

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