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Scope of Work

Art Direction

Web / UI Design

UX Design
Photo Editing

Designing a light, airy and approachable experience for Encompass Health's  home-based healthcare company.

Enhabit rebranded in 2022 and needed a new website for Home Health and Hospice services. The project was completed in an incredibly tight timeline (about 9 total weeks). I designed, prototyped and presented several concepts to stakeholders before building a UI kit and design system. This allowed me to design key pages for the site, before a development team brought it to life.  View the full site here.


— 01

UI Kit & Design System

The design system needed consistent visual elements and UI components, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience across different various breakpoints. This UI Kit also included unique interaction specific instructions for site development handoff. 


— 02

Prototyping & Presentation

Numerous client presentations and prototypes were utilized throughout the design process. You'll see various types of interactions and prototyping layouts in Figma below. 

— 03

Photo Editing & Retouching

Final selects from the photoshoot needed color correction, cropping, compositing and other enhancements. Specifically, we matched the Enhabit clothing, color hues and values for a consistent color palette across each photo. 

— 04


Agency: Springbox / Prophet
UX Design/Strategy:  
John Ryan

Illustration: Alex Galley

Creative Direction:  Ashley Lakics


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